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doing the 4play?

Nice! Now let's get you sorted so you can enjoy
possibly the best day of your life!



what you need to know

food and drinks

It's a good idea to make sure you eat and drink throughout the day or else you might run out of steam. All activities have cafes in or near them for your convenience.

photos and videos

You get ONE free photo at each activity, loaded onto your USB stick.  If you wish to purchase more photos or videos, you must pay for them at each activity. Feel free to take a personal camera with you. You cannot take it with you when you jump off the bungy platform or skydive, but you can take photos on the jet boat, and before, after and on the helicopter.

Bad weather

Unfortunately, the 4Play combo can be affected by bad weather (wind, cloud and rain).  We will try to accommodate you where we can, but if this is not a possibility, we will refund you the portion you were unable to complete.


what to bring

  • Small camera for Hukafalls Jet and Heli Adventure Flight (Cannot be used for Bungy Jump or Skydive).

  • Secure footwear eg. Sneakers, Strapped sandals (closed toed shoes must be worn for skydiving)

  • Summer: Water, sunglasses, sunblock

  • Winter: Warm clothing eg. hat, gloves, warm jacket

  • A sense of adventure!

Taupo Bungy.jpg


  • Taupo Bungy has a weight restriction of 45kg, and minimum age of 10 years.

  • To ride Hukafalls Jet must be at least 1 metre tall

  • Taupo Tandem Skydiving has a weight limit of 100kg’s.

  • 4Play operates 364 days of the year (every day except Christmas day), weather permitting.

  • The skydive can be upgraded to 15,000ft for an additional $80 if you wish.

  • Activities can be spread over 2 consecutive days if required.

  • Additional camera packs are not included in the 4-play price, they can be purchased at
    each activity for an additional cost.

more questions?

Visit of FAQ Page, or get in touch with one of our helpful team!