Q: What is the schedule of the 4play?

  • 9.30am – Taupo Bungy

  • 11.00am – HukaFalls Jet

  • 12.30pm - Heli Adventure Flights

  • 12.50pm – Taupo Tandem Skydiving.

Q: is transport included?

A: Yes! Transport is included to and from your accommodation as well as between each activity.

Q: are photos are videos included?

A: With the 4-play package you get one free photo per activity, which will be loaded onto your complimentary USB stick.  However, additional photo packages are also available at each of the activities!

If you would like to purchase these you can pay the additional amount at each activity:  (all prices quoted are in NZD)

  • Bungy: $45 Photos; $45 Video; $80 Photo and Video Package

  • Hukafalls Jet: $39.00 photo-pack

  • Taupo Tandem Skydiving: Our incredible HD camera packages range from $99 to $260 and can be purchased at the drop zone or see taupotandemskydiving.com for more details.

Q: Can i upgrade to a higher skydive?

A: You sure can. You can upgrade to 15,000 feet for an additional $80.

Q: does the 4play have to be completed in one day?

A: The 4Play is designed to be completed over one day, however if you require to do the 4Play over two days, this can be arranged. Please email to inquire about availability.

Q: what happens if the weather is bad?

A: If you cannot complete any of the activities due to bad weather, we will reschedule the activities for as long as you are in Taupo. If you need to leave, we will refund any components that you have not completed.

Q: can i upgrade to a longer helicopter flight?

A: Yes - prices on application.

Q: can i do the cliffhanger extreme swing instead of a bungy?

A: Yes -­ if you are absolutely sure you don’t want to do a bungy, then the feet­ first rush of the extreme swing might be more your cup of tea.

Q: are there any age/height/weight restrictions?

A: Yes, please read the below:

  • The maximum weight for the skydive is 100kgs and over 8 years old

  • The minimum weight for the Bungy is 45kgs and a minimum of 10 years old

  • Hukafalls Jet is a minimum of 1m tall

  • Under 16s require a waiver from their parent/guardian

Q: What should I wear?

A: Please wear secure shoes such as running shoes or trainers. In winter please remember to dress warm – lots of layers. You will be provided with any other gear that is needed.